Rottami Padana organization aims to optimize the relationships with its clients and suppliers; in order to accomplish this goal while responding to the market needs, the company created a strong and well-structured purchase channel.
This organization guarantees our clients a firm response to their requests, regarding small and big material quantities and finding for them the best placing.

Thanks to a commercial network that operates on a national and international level, the several purchase channels allow us to find all the materials required by clients in a shorter time possible, offering high-quality and competitive prices.


Quality control is essential to provide a complete and specialized service; for this reason, the company makes an accurate control of the scrap bought from the Purchase Department. The material recovery, storage, and supply are associated with the analysis of every bought scrap metal.

This analysis is carried out by metallurgical experts in a specific laboratory by radiometric control, using a quantometer, a Niton, and two induction furnaces for the melting of every sample.


Rottami Padana can provide up-to-date quotations thanks to the constant monitoring of the LME, as well as through periodic discussions with the most accurate analysts in the scrap metal industry.

The commercial network qualification and the experience obtained along years of business made our position every time stronger either in Italy and abroad.


Rottami Padana works on a 40.000 m2 area administering reception, storage, quality control, treatment, and delivery of materials.

Thanks to our processing line, scrap is prepared considering all clients’ needs. Metals are stored in our warehouse according to a division based on material specifications, and this allows us to preserve order, that guarantees our clients to receive all materials according to their requests.

Rottami Padana also carries out delivery service of the material on site, thanks to a policy aimed at creating a proven collection system and a large machine fleet.

Rottami Padana S.p.A.

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