Fornitura tempestiva


    Rottami Padana SpA is organized in order to optimize the relationships with its clients and suppliers; in order to do that and to respond to the market needs, the Company created a strong purchase channel. This organization guarantees to our clients a firm response to their needs, regarding little and big material quantities and finding for them the best placing.

    Thanks to a commercial net which operates on an internal and international level, purchase channels are various and allow to find all the materials required by clients in the shorter time possible, offering at the same time quality and competitive prices.

    Controllo del Materiale

    The quality control on the material is extremely important in order to propose a complete and specialized service: for this reason the Company makes a really accurate control on the scrap which is bought from the Purchase Department. The recovery, storage and supplying of the material is associate with the Analysis on every buyed Scrap or Turnings. This technical test is made by a metallurgical expert, in a specifical laboratory by a radiometric analysis, using Quantometer, Niton, and an Induction Furnace for the melting of every sample.

    Quotazioni in tempo reale

    Rottami Padana SpA is able to provide up-to-date quotations thanks to the steady monitoring of the LME, as well as a periodic discussion with the most important Analysts of the Scrap Sector. The Commercial net qualification and the experience obtained along years of business made the Company position every time stronger both in Italy and abroad.

    Raccolta materiale e servizio trasporto

    Rottami Padana SpA works on a 40.000 mt2 area managing reception, storage, quality control, processing and delivery of the material. Thanks to the machinery as a baler and a shear-baler, scrap is prepared taking in account the clients’ needs. Material is stored in our warehouse, according to a division made basing on the material quality.

    This allow us to preserve an order, that guarantees to our clients to receive materials according to their requests.